Metroclima Project

The objective of the Metroclima project is to examine the role of Sao Paulo megacity emissions as drivers for regional air quality degradation and climate change. The project integrates multi-platform measurements and modeling tools to describe the atmospheric behavior of greenhouse gases and short-lived climate pollutants, and the effects of climate change on the air quality in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo.

First GHG network in South America's largest megacity

Sao Paulo Metropolitan Area has 39 municipalities and a population of about 22 million inhabitants. More than half of this population resides in Sao Paulo city, which, in 2018, was responsible for emitting nearly 18 million tons of CO2 equivalent. This network is a pioneer observation system designed to monitor greenhouse gas concentrations. This initiative helps researchers and policymakers to understand the city's contribution to climate change and measure the impact of public policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.